21 Excuses that stop you from being ever great

  1. I don’t know how to do it

In this technology era, you can find what you are looking for on the internet. Just Google what you want to know, like “How to do anything” it is that easy. I’m sure you will find your solution somewhere in the search collection.

2. I’ll never make it

For once start thinking positive, think things will work out. Believe that this excuse will stop you from achieving your goal, be opened minded to the possibilities, remove doubts and fear from your mind. 

Watch motivational videos on YouTube, Find positive-thinking lectures on Leadercast or Goalcast. Surround yourself with winners who instill belief and confidence in you. Build your life on values and find encouraging voices that help you to keep going.

3. I can’t do this on my own

May be you will need a help while your journey, everybody needs help to reach the biggest goal and dreams. But first you have to start doing it, believe in yourself and you’ll achieve your goals. Try not to depend on other, seek to done things by yourself. If necessary don’t hesitate to ask for help, it is not something to be ashamed of.

4. I don’t have time

Don’t trick yourself. If you find time to read this article, trust me you have all the time to be great and achieve your goals.

It is not the time that stop you from doing what you need to do, it is the choices you make and believes that stands on your way. If you chose to stand to whatever challenge that you got on the road to success, there is no reason you are not going to be one of the greatest.

5. I tried before and failed

Dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and do it again. Obviously you can’t go about it the same way, so find a new angle. If it’s important to you, realize defeat is temporary. With every loss, you gain the experience you need to win.

6. I am afraid of failure

Everyone who ever made it failed at some point. You may not get it at the first try but that doesn’t means you are not going to make it.

See it this way what if Thomas Edison stop trying when he failed for the first 100 times, we wouldn’t have a bulb.

If you believe in yourself and know that you are going to make it and up for the challenge, success has never been easy, you will make it.

7. It is not important

If it at some point you believed there was a need, there probably is. Does it take too much to do it? Is it not convenient? Is it important enough to let it keep creeping up and nagging at you? Just do it already.

8. My gender won’t let me

Gender roles are increasingly less relevant. There have been women CEOs and male nurses for years. Men can start a daycare and women can start a design firm. Blaming your gender simultaneously speaks poorly for your gender, and empowers those who refuse to fit a mold.

9. Nobody will care

Find the right audience. Use Medium. Leverage social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Linked in, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more to share the awesome work you’re doing. If your friends, co-workers and family don’t take an interest in you, find a mentor, teacher, coach or school official who will.

Don’t ever live in fear. Stop thinking no one cares about you or your bold ideas. You’re unique and special and you absolutely have something awesome to share with the world. Open your mind and give things a shot. You may have to search a while but you’ll find someone willing to lend a hand.

10. I’m too tired

If you’re always too tired, there’s a very good chance you don’t have enough motivating, inspiring and passion-fueling things in your life. Start doing things that you love that are constructive, edifying and lead to positive results for you and others.

If you’re constantly too tired, you may honestly need medical attention to diagnose what your problem is.

11. I’m too young

Being “too young” should never, ever be a barrier to entry for someone looking to get started or to continue going on their dream.

Age and willingness to learn only go hand in hand if you let them.

Your youth allows you to see things from a fresh perspective that the older generation may have missed. Let your youth be most valuable weapon, not something that holds you back.

12. I’m too old

Age have never to stop you from achieving your goals. Beside you have to take being older as being more experienced. Your life experience gives you a valuable perspective that many others might not bring to the table.

13. I don’t have money

Finances are a sensitive issue. You might not have the money right now, but there are plenty of ways to increase your income. If you have to scour freelancer sites to acquire a hundred dollars here and there, do it.

Any money you make freelancing, save it to put towards your dream project. Can’t afford to do that? Create a strict budget, and set aside a portion of your income. Don’t believe what the news tells you, money is everywhere, and people spend it every day.

Right now, someone is hiring someone just like you.

14. I can’t take risks

If you don’t take a risk now, then when?

Imagine what you lose by fearing something that may never happen. Many of the business we see today are building under some risks, but it pays off. What if they sit still fearing the risk, they would have never achieved it. If an idea really benefits people, pulling on the reigns doesn’t just inhibit your progress, it prevents people from improving their lives.

15. I’m not talented enough

You are not talented, that is okay. Talent is something that can be achieved through a positive attitude, inspiration and hard working.

Remember hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.

16. It’s too hard

If it was easy, everybody will have done it. Anything worth doing is hard.

Hard work will pay off at the end, so start working today. Once you start it you will know how to do it.

17. I’m afraid what other think of me

When you believe in your heart that you’re on the right path, keep going. You can’t live in fear about what others will think of you. I find this is the excuse and fear that held many people back for far too long from living the life of their dreams. Do what you love, exercise your freedom to do it and do so with supreme confidence and faith.

18. I’m not lucky

Luck is just a myth, nothing has been luck. It will require a hard work and commitment. So instead of waiting luck to do something for you start doing by yourself, take some actions and make commitment to them.  

19. I’m disabled

This is the major excuse that can set you back from your goal and success toward those goals. Disability should never stop you from achieving you goals. Your brain is the power that we need to use to accomplish your goal.

There are many disabled person who are able to change our world. For example take Steven Hawking, if he were to quit on the first place, we wouldn’t have enough knowledge about our world today.  

20. You can’t commit right now

Don’t use this excuse to push something aside, if you don’t want to invest the time. If it’s genuinely interesting, look at your calendar and ask “when can I commit?” and put yourself on a productive path. And if you don’t want to do it, be honest and admit you’re not interested. People will always respect honesty over being strung along.

21. I’m not confident

Confidence is something that can be developed over time. There are many resources that can help you develop your confidence.

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