Use this five methods to approach girls

Talking for the first time with a girl, specially a cute one could be terrifying and a big challenge. If you want to find the guts to talk to, and feel more confident approaching women it can be a struggle. Getting rid of shyness is straight forward, but takes time. A lot of guys will chicken out because they get intimidated, or don’t want to bother the women they like. Many women are open to getting approached but we lose the chance to talk to them because of social anxieties getting in the way.

Most guys convinced themselves that the girl they want to approach would reject them, find them ridicules and think that the girl is out of their league. This type of thinking would hold them from approaching a girl.

You have to be convinced that woman love to be approached by a man like you and be convinced that they enjoy your company.  

That being said lets share some tips that will help you will approach a girl, follow the tips, don’t hesitate to approach a girl and you will see the result.

  1. Let Her See You

Before you approach to a girl, make sure she sees you first. Stand cooly watching at the sunset while you sip your drink, walk past without looking at her with a confident smile, Talk animatedly with a friend as if you couldn’t care at all about the world around. Most of all do you own thing without looking at her: let her look at you first.

2. Create an Instant Connection with Your Eyes

After you make sure she sees you, create eye contact with here. This is important. It shows her that you are confidence and make you two closes even before you can talk.

The thing with locking eye contact and making it obvious you’re looking at her is that you give your game away. She’ll be wondering when you’re going to make your move, and she’ll be worried if she’ll be cool enough for you.

3. Approach

If you do the above two, there is nothing left. Man up and walk straight to her. You can smile and walk to her while you maintain your eye contact with her.

Some tips here:

  • If you have a bad breath, chew gum. You having a bad breath will tell her that you have low social value.
  • Try to have a nice hair cut
  • Try to wear properly

4. Prove You’re Worth Talking To

Girls often are raised to be wary of guys they don’t know. They immediately look for answers to questions such as the following before deciding whether they should talk to someone: What do they want from me? Is this someone I can trust? Are they worth my time?

Once you answered her questions try initiating talking, make her laugh but not too much. If you are thinking of sticking with her for the night and try to take her home, just keep going. Move her along, isolate her and when you see she’s listening and following your lead, tell her you two should go. But if you just want to swap contacts, it’s important you don’t make the interaction too long or too awesome. If you do it and then don’t stick around, she might feel you’re not serious, not ballsy enough or not interested. 

5. Show that You are Harmless

Keep in mind that the girl you approach has only these visual elements to use when forming her initial opinion of you. The way you move your body, your facial expression, your look…all of these subconsciously communicate what kind of a man you are. Try to present yourself in more convenient and likeable man.

Finally get over you fear of going and taking to a girl, once you start it the fear will go away. Beside “Practice make perfect” One failure doesn’t mean you are going to fail you whole life. Try to follow the tips explained above, plus add your own personality to it. Let her know the real you.

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