Thing to keep in mind before asking a girl out

Before asking a girl out there are some things a guy must know. Many guys ask a girl out and get rejected because they didn’t prepare, know stuffs about her and other things. It is important for a guy to get to know a girl before asking her. Below are “The must have to know lists before asking a girl out”.

Know her level of interest

Before asking a girl out on a date it better to be sure that she is interested on you. If a girl is not interested and if you still push things, that might be a waste of time. So to prevent yourself from wasting your time and most importantly from getting rejected it’s important to know if she is interested.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if she’s interested or if she just sees you as a friend or a nice guy. So in order to understand that she is interested you may pick up body languages, her actions and other behaviors she have toward you. If she looks at your eye when you two are talking, keep checking you out, use sexy body languages, seeks attention, gives you most of her time, isolate herself with you, she calls and text you first, she touch you and ask you some personal questions more often that means she is defiantly interested on you. So ask her without wasting a minute.

But if she avoids you, never calls or text back, she keep her distance, she get annoyed talking to you she doesn’t touch you or get physical, it best if you don’t ask her out.

Know her hobbies and interests

Knowing her hobbies and interests will help you in many ways. There are only a few things better when it comes to dating than going into a first date knowing what sorts of things interest her most. She may like painting, singing, reading history novels, or playing chess online. You’ll have instant material for your conversations when you’re acquainted with her interests.

Asking her, her favorite things will help you to bond and connect with her in a way few or noon ever attempt. And it also helps you to know what similarities exist between the two of you.

Sometimes asking her hobbies is a great way to set up a date. If she tells you for instance she likes to go to a museum, you can set up a date to go to a museum, that way she will enjoy you and her favorite place.

 Know Her personality

It’s crucial for you to have an idea of what her personality is like before asking a girl out. Women can be full of mystery and contradictions; it may be a little difficult to understand her personality. And you shouldn’t ask her a series of questions to understand her personality.

You can guess what personalities she has by her action and by asking her simple questions. Understanding her life values, whether she like planning or being spontaneous, how does she react to trouble, what is her relationship with people close to her, what is her attitude toward other people, how emotional is she and  how much time she devote time to her appearance can give you a solid hint about her personality.

The right time to ask her?

This is like asking when the right time to start eating healthy, exercise and budget yourself. There is never a right time. You make the time, those who have a vision for their lives go and proactively make that vision happen.

Most of us have made this mistake—we like a girl and we know that somewhere she likes us, too. But we’re always waiting for the right moment. Well, don’t wait too long to see another guy swoop right in and steal your girl away! The only right time is now. She isn’t going to find out in her dreams.

Not Every girl is the same

Not all girls are the same. They have different emotions, choices and preferences. So if some technique helps you get one girl that doesn’t mean it will always work on every girl. So be careful about what you pickup line. It’s important to know what she likes and not before asking her out. Maybe you could appeal to her inner sportsman, or the movie buff in her, or the bookworm or the adrenaline junkie. It also may be that she prefers men who are straightforward and goal-oriented, instead of those who wait around tiptoeing. 


Asking a girl out shouldn’t be difficult. Get to know her as best you can, spark some chemistry between you, and take her out on what is hopefully the start to a memorable relationship. Keep in mind the above-mentioned pointers and do not presume, whatsoever, her response. An easy way to do this is to believe that it’s going to work, provided you have observed her intentions well. It’s okay to stress out about her reaction because, it is, after all a matter of the heart.

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