Things to never do while in party

Peoples love to party! Well, at least some of them do, for the rest of us; parties bring waves of feelings, good or bad, much like the events themselves.

Whether you love them or hate them parties are important. They are where people meet future business and romantic partners and friends, where small talk becomes the stuff of life.

You have to be cool when you go to a party, everyone knows that if you got to a prison, you need to show everyone you’re tough and can take care of yourself right off the bat. Usually this is done by beating the first guy who messed with you. Well parties are just like that, you have to show how cool you are the minute you get in to the party, but not by beating a man or something like that.

We have prepared a guide that can help you get cooler at parties. These not to do list will help you and save you from embarrassments.

  1. Getting too drunk

Well parting without drinking is no fun, we all know that. That doesn’t mean you have to drink all the way to the end of the party.

Excessive amount of alcohol have an effect on our body. Getting too drunk during a party can make you pass away in the middle of the party, lose control of yourself and make fool of yourself. And best off all you have to think about tomorrows’ hangover you are going to get.

You have to know getting too drunk is one of the things that can ruins your evening at parties, so you are at parties there are a lot of drinks and you need to know your limit and never pass your limit and drink responsibly. In this case you can have a good mode for parting, enjoy your companies and not pass out and miss that awesome party

2.Puking all over the place

“I threw up at a friend’s party the other night. I have consumed copious amount of red wine, not all of it good red wine, and I began hiccupping. A trick I learned long ago was how to make yourself throw up when a case of the hiccups come on and they will go away. So I went to the bathroom and let it rip. Well I missed the mark and splash chunky red vomit all over my friend’s tiles and walls. I did my best to clean it up. However, I did not remember all of what happened. I think I cleaned it. But the night becomes fuzzy somewhere around then. ”. Well that doesn’t seem having fun, imagine, that could have been worst.

This goes to the first advice you must not pass you limits while you are drinking. When peoples see someone puking they might leave the party or make a record of you puking and make fun of it the next morning.

3. Seating alone

Woman sitting alone at party

Seating alone at parties can annoy others who are attending the party. At parties there are peoples and peoples are different and feel differently. The party host may try to get you involved because that is part of what being at a party is about and a successful party is the job of the host. The host may feel failure if someone at the party is sits alone by them self. If you don’t want to be involved and socialize why do you go to a party in the first place? It’s like you’re saying “help! I don’t know how to socialize” otherwise you’d stay at home and read books.

Some people will ignore you, some will bully you and others will pity you, while others will try to change you and be connected for you.

So while you are at parties stop being by yourself. Try to socialize and make friends. You don’t know what it will bring for you.   

4. Texting the whole party

While you are at it, you might also enjoy the party. You will have all the time for texting and other stuffs after the party. If only if it is urgent try to replay two or three times no more than.

Texting while parting makes other feel that you are not interested in the party as well as the peoples around you.

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